Your home is more than just a house.

It is a place where you experience the most intimate moments. It is a shelter for you and your beloved ones. It has a history written in your memory and heart.

Your home is a lifetime investment coupled with the strongest sentimental ties.

We understand that it deserves to be sold for the best price and with the least inconvenience to you.


The Cost of Bad Advice

  1. Overvaluing property to win favour
  2. Losing value long term and not understanding the time and value of money
  3. Protracted selling process
  4. Believing that a signature on an offer is a done deal
  5. Being mislead and misinformed about the market
  6. The effect of sentiment on the property market


Benefits of a Sole Mandate

  1. All buyers are funnelled through one Agent
  2. Eliminates any race for a “quick, low offer”
  3. Provides time to secure the highest price
  4. Only one reason is given for selling
  5. Viewing times set
  6. Far greater security
  7. Written intention to sell implies a serious Seller
  8. Avoid risk of double commission claim
  9. Moral commitment between Agent and Seller
  10. Agent provides regular activity report
  11. After sale service
  12. No mandate – no motivation